Best Chinese Restaurant 2014 in The Alibi

Budai Gourmet Chinese as one of the Best Restaurants in 2014 by Gil (NMGastronome)

Best Chinese Restaurant 2013 in Albuquerque the Magazine

Press and Reviews

"This is authentic Chinese cuisine at its best, in the most unlikely of spots. And as a new student of Hsia’s food, I’m only beginning my adventure. There is so much more to try at Budai." - Erin Brooks, Local Flavor

"Thanks for making Albuquerque a great place to eat. We celebrated immigrant-owned businesses on New Mexico Living, and Budai was on the menu!" - Howie Kaibel, Yelp

"It still felt like Budai had given us a taste of Taiwan, along with a good tour of what well-prepared Chinese can be." - Andrea Lin, Albuquerque Journal 

"It'll rub your belly the right way." - Ari LeVaux, Alibi

"Budai Gourmet Chinese garners a well-deserved reputation as a fine destination restaurant." - Shari Taylor, Local IQ

"Budai is a very special restaurant, one which should be shared with open-minded friends who love food as much as you do." - Gil Garduno, Gil's Thrilling (and filling) Blog

"Unquestionably the Best Chinese Restaurant in ABQ. Maybe Even the state…" - Larry McGoldrick, Larry's Albuquerque Food Musings

"Budai is a seriously rewarding adventure for any foodie looking to check off outlandish things on their international cuisine bucket list." - Sam Bertken, Movato Blog

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